About The Site
What started in 2007 as a simple tool to lookup basic information quickly became the number one source world wide to help users decrypt their Apple product serial numbers. Since then we have adjusted and grown with the demand and offer the most accurate information out there to millions of users every month.

We have partnered up with retailers and auction sites, they use our database to ensure products passing through their companies have not been reported as stolen.

Service providers world wide use our database to quickly have access to all the information they need and in turn provide us with test data ("This particular model can actually handle 8GB of RAM, not just 4GB") always keeping our specs up to date.

What Makes Us different?
There are other sites where you can lookup a serial number and see what kind of machine it is, sure. they all have one thing in common though; they're generic.
Anyone can copy and paste whatever is on Apple's spec pages and give generic data, that's not what we wanted to offer though.

When you lookup a serial number on this site, you will get machine specific results!

Not "This is an iMac with any of these processor and memory options", no. You get "This is an iMac with this exact processor and this exact amount of memory".

Generic data, for the most part, is useless. Detailed and specific data, now that's helpful in a lot of cases! We get these detailed results by putting in the work, comparing submitted data, verifying it any way we can and not addint a model to the database until we are as sure as can be. More on this in the "About Serial Number Collection" section.

Who is "Us" anyway?
This site was started by Jay. A technician that has been Maccentric since 1999. In 2010 when he took a job at Apple, part of the contract was worrysome (can't disclose details) so the site ownership was transferred to his wife, Wendy. When the contract expired in mid 2020, the site ownership was transferred back to Jay. Wendy still helps with answering emails and other work though.

Though we make every attempt to have the most up to date and accurate information on this website, the information in our database is only as accurate as the information submitted to us and may contain errors. AppleSerialNumberInfo.com and/or the site owner makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the results obtained from the use of the information on the website.

AppleSerialNumberInfo.com shall have no liability for the accuracy of the information and cannot be held liable for any third-party claims or losses of any damages.
About Serial Numbers
Serial numbers are a manufacturers way of tracking model and
build information. Also in case of production flaws serial numbers are very handy tools to see where the flaw occurred and which models are affected. Appleserialnumberinfo enables you to lookup the information of any Mac, iPod, iPhone, AppleTV and many more Apple products. We support most devices dating back to 1984 and we can show you where your product was built, when it was built and even the build number. Besides detailed information about the hardware you can also see if there is a repair program available for your product, how far you can upgrade your RAM, get links to useful tools and much more. Type your serial number in the search field to see what it can tell you about your Apple product!

A serial number only holds hardware information, not personal information. Only the store where the hardware was purchased
holds records with the name, purchase date etc.

Appleserialnumberinfo.com can only read out the hardware information since we are not linked to any store databases.

Great, now we have the information for that model. But we can't add this to the database just yet, we have to wait for more submitted data on this model. We'll illustrate why with another example.