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  Serial numbers are a manufacturers way of tracking model and
build information. Also in case of production flaws serial numbers are very handy tools to see where the flaw occured and which models are affected. Appleserialnumberinfo enables you to lookup the information of any Mac, iPod, iPhone, AppleTV and many more Apple products. We support most devices dating back to 2000 and we can show you where your product was built, when it was built and even the build number. Besides detailed information about the hardware you can also see if there is a repair program available for your product, how far you can upgrade your RAM, get links to useful tools and much more. Type your serial number in the search field to see what it can tell you about your Apple product!

A serial number only holds hardware information, not personal information. Only the store where the hardware was purchased
holds records with the name, purchase date etc. can only read out the hardware information since we are not linked to any store databases. is not affiliated with Apple Inc. in any way.
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