Rules / Regulations / Restrictions / Call them what you want, here they are:
1. Account creation is handled manually for security purposes. Due to us having daytime jobs it can take up to 72 hours for an account to be created once the payment has been received.
Once an account is created the user ID and Code will be emailed to the e-mail address registered on the payees PayPal.
2. In the event of a website outtage that no longer allows paying users to log in and perform searches, the user can email us with their name/password and serialnumbers that the user wants to look up, we will then provide all the available specs and information in a reply email. Since the desired information is still available this way a refund will not be issued. Emailed lookup requests will be processed within 72 hours.
3. Payments received through any other way than the designated "Buy Now" buttons will be handled as donations and will not add searches to an account nor is it refundable.
4. Two free searches are permitted by any user of (with account or without). Payments are for the specific amount of searches described in the package.
Free searches will not be added to the account if not used.
5. When or if detects fraudulent activity with the use of an account such as attempting to copy specifications etc. the account will be deactivated immediately without warning.
No refunds.
6. Individuals or businesses using an account to lookup information may not use the found information to add to or start a same or similar serial number lookup service.
7. When a search is done for an unsupported model the search will not be deducted from your total.
8. Once searches are purchased, if unused, a full refund can be requested within 30 days.
A refund after 30 days is possible if the account has not been usedbut a 10% fee of the package price will be charged as a service fee.
9. Shipping cost are there to make up for the transaction fee PayPal charges. No actual product will be shipped. Login details will be emailed to you.
10. This page, the packages page and their contents may be edited/altered at any time.
As soon as they are altered the new information applies.